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Few legal matters are more emotional and hard fought than those involving family law. Whether the issue involves the division of assets in a divorce, or a modification of a custody order, the stakes are high and emotions can run strong. Call us today to set up a consultation. 

Over 30 Years of Successful Results in South Florida

My name is William Wallshein…

and for nearly the past three decades, I have dutifully represented clients in all kinds of Florida legal matters. The laws in Florida regarding family law issues are unique to the state, and can present those litigants who are ill-prepared with an uphill battle from the very beginning. A skilled West Palm Beach divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complex issues you may encounter in this context.
For example, Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that assets are not divided down the middle at the conclusion of a divorce, but are divided according to what the court deems fair. In determining which spouse gets what, the court is guided by a number of factors, including:

The economic circumstances of each party;

The contribution of one spouse to the other spouse’s career;

The length of the marriage;

The intentional waste of marital assets by either party;

Any interruption in the career of either spouse to tend to the marital home; and

any other factors “necessary to do equity and justice between the parties.

This essentially means that Florida judges can consider almost any factor when dividing up marital assets. Interestingly, however, one thing the court will not consider is whose “fault” the divorce is. This means that an unfaithful spouse, for example, will not be “punished” by that fact when the court considers what each party deserves.

More than Just a Divorce Attorney

In addition to my work as a West Palm Beach divorce lawyer, I have represented clients in all varieties of family matters, including those related to custody order modifications, child support orders, prenuptial agreements, and domestic violence orders of protection.

Another interesting aspect of Florida law is that once a custody or child support order is made final, that order can be changed if both parents agree to the change. If both parents do not agree, the order can only be changed if the requesting party petitions the court and that party can show that there has been a significant change in circumstances since the order was created. This may be a change in the income or living situation of either party.

A Strategy Unique to Each Client

Here at my law firm, I do not use a generic “one size fits all” approach to my legal work. Instead, I cater my representation to the specific needs of each of my clients. It may be that both parties to a divorce can sit down and amicably discuss all legal issues involved. In situations like this, an aggressive strategy may not be appropriate. However, when the situation calls for it—and in family law it often does—as a West Palm Beach divorce lawyer I am fully prepared to fight diligently and fervently on your behalf.

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If you are facing a family legal matter, you should consult an experienced West Palm Beach family law attorney as soon as possible. Through my dedicated, client-focused approach, I have had success representing clients all throughout South Florida in family law matters for decades. I will provide you with honest, sound advice no matter what kind of situation you are in. Click here or call 561-533-1221 to schedule your free initial consultation today. My Palm Beach Gardens office is located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard, and my second location is in West Palm Beach. I accept credit cards.